Energy efficiency

All new boilers now come with an ERP rating stating their effiency , modern boilers are around the A mark ( highest rating is A+++) this rating can be increased with the inclusion of selected heating controls and system filters.

Older boilers may have an efficiency as low as g rated.

For an efficient whole house system here are some key points –

  • Pressurised systems use less energy to heat than conventional open vented systems.
  • New hot water cylinders are very well insulated to keep heat for longer.
  • Modern boilers are condensing meaning there is less wasted heat from the boiler.
  • New installations require system ‘interlock’ meaning a boiler must have a time clock, a room thermostat and hot water temperature control.
  • In order for heating systems to run efficiently the water must be clean this can be achieved by treating the water with chemicals to ensure its cleanliness or through power flushing to remove debris and thick sludgy water then chemically treated.
  • Programmers and room thermostats can be selected to increase efficient heating of homes and hot water by being wifi connected for quick and adjustable times and also intelligent controls that can adjust temperatures in correspondence with the weather or by learning your temperature settings for various times throughout the week.
  • ‘Zoning’ floors of houses or selected areas can be done to operate each area with its own time and temperature control for the efficient use of heating.
  • System filters can be installed to prevent any future or current debris in the system from reaching the boiler and any attached pumps or control valves to increase their life span by preventing any possible damage or partial blockages.

Underfloor heating is also a very efficient system by providing maximum control over a greater heated area as opposed to radiators which concentrate great heat in one location.

Of course always make sure your property is well insulated to minimise heat loss and that radiators are sized correctly to provide enough heat.