Power flushing

Powerflushing involves using a machine designed for the job which circulates the water through the system at a high velocity accompanied with chemicals made to break down and remove the sludge deposits from the system which are then flushed away and replaced with clean water.

The water in the system once flushed will be treated with appropriate chemicals designed to protect the system from any further sludge build ups.

Modern boilers have highly efficient heat exchangers that have smaller waterways than old cast iron boilers that need clean water to work efficiently therefore it is advised by boiler manufacturers that a system flush is performed before installation of your new boiler ensuring correct operation of the boiler and any other system controls that could be affected by sludge.

Sludge can affect various parts of the system such as a build up in radiators leaving a cold patch in the middle forming a triangular mound in the bottom of them, it can clog up central heating pumps and system valves may not fully open or close meaning the system will not correctly turn itself on or off.