Underfloor heating (UFH)

We provide installation of Underfloor heating for new projects or refurbishments, Footprint design and supply a complete solution for your specific project or requirements.

We also offer maintenance to older systems where there may be a sludge or algae build up and chemical treatment is required or where flow rates need adjustment.


There are many benefits to fitting an underfloor heating system in your home as the lower temperatures required for heating these systems reduces energy costs leading to annual savings.

It provides heat more evenly in the room and does not overheat the space, it can provide savings of up to 15% on the average uk households heating bills compared with radiators

Ufh leaves no cold spots in rooms and free’s up wallspace, there is minimum air movement which means less dust circulating in the air which is great for reducing allergens in the room.

Each ufh zone can be controlled with its own thermostat giving you precise control over each rooms temperature which when coupled with a smart wifi enabled room thermostat can make the system highly efficient.


Underfloor heating is also highly recommended for use with ground source and air source heat pumps.